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Ministries are the heartbeat of churches and local neighborhood outreach. Serving others is the easiest way of introducing people to the Christian faith. That’s why churches can list ministries, groups, and missions for free.

When a ministry has their own fundraising, licensing needs, or would like to engage with people online independently from a church, it’s best to list each on their own Ministry Account.


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For church ministries, independent ministries, missionaries, or Christian groups
Specific Terms of Use
  • Currently, coupons are only available for people who live in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. People who live in other countries are encouraged to pre-register, so we know where to roll out next;
  • To use this coupon you can be a missionary, or ministry or group leader that officially may represent the ministry;
  • Coupons are valid within 3 years from launching ChurchBubble;
  • Only 1 coupon is needed per individual ministry per year;
  • Coupons are only available until the full platform launch in 2022;
  • If you purchase this account coupon by mistake you can get a full refund within 14 calendar days only;
  • Your invoice number is your Coupon code.

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Huge discount, but full value coupon(s)!
Huge discount, but full value coupon(s)!
Each coupon gives you the right to enter and/or edit information in all fields of your listing, including premium fields, which increase the chance of getting found both on ChurchBubble and in search engines.
Exclusive: Early Access
Exclusive: Early Access
ChurchBubble will be launched in 2022, but with this coupon you get early access to a beta-launch where you can add all your details, before the general public and ChurchBubble members are able to see your listing.
Get back in Control
& Pop your Bubbles

with our online platform that is Bible-based, has no intrusive ads, stands for reliable privacy, and equal opportunity. It can help with your calling and personal relationships.

You are The Light of the World
Matthew 5:14-16
Most information is public, not just for members with accounts
All Christians are One Body
1 Corinthians 12:12-27
Collaborate across denominations and learn from each other's experience
Called to Love One Another
John 13:34-35
Easily see where people are not (yet) reached with the gospel, or need help
And Make Disciples of All Nations
Matthew 28:19
Charities, churches & ministries can reach more people locally & beyond
Profiles & Listings

are landing pages that can be white-labeled: use your own URL, logo, and colors
to create a mini-site with branding that suits your identity and message.

Verified Premium Accounts
give the freedom to edit listings
To avoid mis-representation, add (or claim) & review your listings
Not Everyone is an SEO Expert
that’s OK, we help along the way
Our Search Engine Optimization helps to being found more often
All Contributors can add Detail
to make management a breeze
Automatically show listings at profiles of contributors to reach more people
Switch between Languages
to serve an multi-lingual audience
Add listings in multiple languages to ensure content integrity
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List what you do on the innovative ChurchBubble platform – One place online with everything that’s relevant for Christian churches, their members, and everyone else who should be reached with the gospel. Get found on the platform and in search engines. Buy discount coupons before our launch to use for yourself or donate to others.

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