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For Charities, Churches, Ministries & Vendors

Plan when you go live ahead of time, decide whether it should be publicly available or a ticketed event, and invite everyone who should watch. You can redirect visitors to your preferred stream provider, or make the link available to ticket holders only.

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Specific Terms of Use
  • Currently, coupons are only available for people who live in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. People who live in other countries are encouraged to pre-register, so we know where to roll out next;
  • Per individual item 1 coupon is needed per year;
  • What you sell may only be listed 1 time per year. Promotion coupons are available to grow an audience for special offers or temporary conditions;
  • To use this coupon you must offer something relevant for Christians;
  • This coupon type can not be exchanged for any other coupon;
  • One Premium Account is needed per entity that uses this coupon;
  • Coupons are valid within 3 years from launching ChurchBubble;
  • Coupons are only available until the full platform launch in 2022;
  • Your invoice number is your coupon code.
You need 1 premium account to use this coupon
You need 1 premium account to use this coupon
Every entity that would like to use this coupon needs to have an active premium account. Verified premium accounts & profiles are valid for one year. All coupons that you buy (at a discount) can only be used during the first three years from the moment we launch the full platform.
Exclusive: Early Access
Exclusive: Early Access
ChurchBubble will be launched in 2022, but with this coupon you get early access to a beta-launch where you can add all your details, before the general public and ChurchBubble members are able to see your listing.
Huge discount, but full value coupon(s)!
Huge discount, but full value coupon(s)!
Each coupon gives you the right to enter and/or edit information in all fields of your listing, including premium fields, which increase the chance of getting found both on ChurchBubble and in search engines.
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