All prices are in USD & exclude 9% tax
All prices are in USD and exclude 9% tax


upcoming online platform for Christian Churches

and everyone who should be reached with the gospel

By now, everyone knows what it's like to be in a bubble

Are you in an online bubble?
Everyone who uses the internet is in at least one online bubble. We have been forced into confined online spaces where people with similar ideas and beliefs give us the feeling that’s where we belong.
Do you know how to get out?
How this system works influences what people can find online, and who can see what they share. It even affects how we perceive the world. Very few know how to reach people outside of their bubble.
Do you like to spread the gospel?
This has a big impact for everyone who likes to spread the Gospel. It can be very challenging to reach people who are not in the same bubble as you are.
Shouldn't you decide what you see?
Our upcoming platform ‘ChurchBubble’ is public, so everyone can see God’s love! It is a place where you can define your own bubble online!
bubbles influence your potential and who you can reach

bubbles influence your potential and who you can reach

Champion the Local Church

Champion the Local Church

Support People Who Help Others

Support People Who Help Others

Promote Local Businesses

Promote Local Businesses

Gather and Share Local Knowledge

Gather and Share Local Knowledge

How we make change happen

We are not commissioned to wait for the world to come to us; it is to go into all of the world.

We know, not everyone is able, but we can all strengthen communities around us. Invite people to church, buy at local companies, enable missions through giving, and by loving each other.

When you share on ChurchBubble what you plan, did, used, and have learned, it can be found online. People from every country can be inspired to do roughly the same without having to reinvent the wheel.

Together we spread the Gospel to the nations, with the ultimate goal for all people to get to know God better.

ChurchBubble Features

What can be relevant for Christians?

Everything you can think of… and then some! Discover how to reach people again, make it easy for potential visitors to come to a church service, and connect with local people who can support your ministry.

Whether you’re on staff at your local church, a volunteer, churchgoer, or someone who still has questions about the Christian faith, anything that can help you, will be easier to find on the upcoming ‘ChurchBubble’ platform.

Can you imagine one single place online where you can find everything?

ChurchBubble will be:


Compassion, creativity, faith, grace, hope, humility, joy, love, justice, peace, respect, service, and thankfulness form our basis.

For everyone
For everyone

Every listing can be seen by the general public: learn about the gospel without being a member. Want to get found?

To pop your bubbles
To pop your bubbles

We provide tools to define your own bubble online. Would you like to receive an invitation when we launch in your country?

Without intrusive ads
Without intrusive ads

Without ads controlled by (big tech) algorithms, you decide which ads you see and when. Want to know more?

To ensure growth
To ensure growth

Everybody who offers products, services, or events can make money with premium listings. Do you know who should join us?

Developed by SoLoMo website

SoLoMo website is a company that’s all about Social, Local, Mobile strategy. It helps churches, ministries, charities, and companies to get found all over the world.

God called us to go against the grain

To do the exact opposite of what we're good at may sound strange

but it makes sense. We know how the current social media and advertising systems manipulate and harm people. Plus, how difficult it can be for churches to present themselves and what they would like to share with the world.

SoLoMo will introduce a new strategy to the marketing world in 2022
SoLoMo will introduce a new strategy to the marketing world in 2022
We are working on a new Social Local Mobile strategy that doesn’t include AI-controlled remarketing.
ChurchBubble will be the first platform to benefit from this innovative strategy
ChurchBubble will be the first platform to benefit from this innovative strategy
If there is one (huge) group of people with a shared mission, it’s the Christian body. Change for the better can start here.

We can use a different approach (because we know how it currently works) and innovate. We love the dream God called us to pursue.


The Technology we use Helps to Act against

advocacy of self-harm coercive behavior copyright violations cyber bullying & trolling cyber stalking disinformation encouraging suicide fake accounts & profiles hate crime human trafficking identity & data theft illegally uploaded content incitement of violence intimidation manipulation modern slavery online fraud & scams online harassment organized crime pornography racism sale of illegal products sale of illegal services social media addiction sexual exploitation & abuse terrorist content & activity violent content weak or shared passwords

As we are building something that’s new and innovative, we can’t reveal everything yet. But you can be assured we create a safe environment, where you can learn more about what's relevant living as a Christian.

ChurchBubble Pricing: Public Access to all Events, Products & Services listings

& for who likes to list something: Free Coupons to add general information & Huge Discounts on Premium options

When you represent a Christian church, ministry, charity, or a vendor selling into the Christian market, you can buy coupons to add listings. Or give ‘Donate coupons’ to pioneering churches that can’t afford marketing (yet).

SoLoMo Coupons for ChurchBubble give you the right to manage listings and increase the chances of being found on the upcoming platform and in search engines. Our listings can help to get more people to your doorstep.

We are currently asking all Christian churches in Australia & New Zealand, Canada, and the USA

to list their church services using our (temporarily 90% discounted) Coupon Packs;

to check out the complimentary Premium Church Account Coupon to manage their listings;

to buy Donate Coupons for churches that can’t afford a marketing budget yet.

Transparent pricing

We offer many coupons for free, so information can be added without cost. Coupons that can be bought are for entities that can gain income from listings or promotions. We use revenue to grow locally: hire staff and make sure everything keeps working.

No hidden costs

This model allows us to be fair to all people who use our platform: We don’t sell any data, and there are no advertising cost surprises: We don’t charge anything for clicks (per acquisition, action, engagement, impression, lead, month, view), or any commission per sold item.

Account Type
Visitors (don't need an account)

Everyone can see premium profiles, products, services, and event listings.

$ 0
$ 0
Personal membership

For everyone who would like to define their own bubble online.

$ 0
$ 0
Christian church

Churches from all Christian denominations are offered a free premium account.

$ 120 per year
$ 0

For Christian Ministries that would like to get found by name.

$ 120 per year
$ 30 per year

For Charities that can be relevant for a Christian audience.

$ 120 per year
$ 60 per year

For companies that offer products, services, or promote events to a Christian market.

$ 120 per year
$ 90 per year
Fixed prices until Nov 25, 2022
Our current account offers are valid for a limited time only. At November 25, 2022 (the day after Thanksgiving), prices will increase.
Buy coupons for 3 years now
All coupons are valid for 3 years from full platform launch and entitle coupon owners to early access the upcoming platform in Q3 or Q4, 2022.
Optional Coupons

Coupons to manage listings are available to Charities, Churches, Ministries, and Vendors (who are relevant for a Christian audience).



Get back in Control

& Pop your Bubbles

with our online platform that is Bible-based, has no intrusive ads, stands for reliable privacy, and equal opportunity. It can help with your calling and personal relationships.

Platform Advantages

Platform Advantages

You are The Light of the World
Matthew 5:14-16
Most information is public, not just for members with accounts
All Christians are One Body
1 Corinthians 12:12-27
Collaborate across denominations to learn from each other's experience
Called to Love One Another
John 13:34-35
Easily see where people are not (yet) reached with the gospel, or need help
And Make Disciples of All Nations
Matthew 28:19
Charities, churches & ministries can reach more people locally & beyond


Profiles & Listings

can be white-labeled & automatically SEO-optimized landing pages: use your own URL, logo, and colors to create a mini-site with branding that suits your identity and message.

Coupons Advantages

Coupons Advantages

Verified Premium Accounts
give the freedom to edit listings
Add and review your listings, to avoid misrepresentation
Not Everyone is an SEO Expert
that’s OK, we help along the way
Our Search Engine Optimization helps to being found more often, in multiple areas
All Contributors can add Detail
to make management a breeze
Automatically show listings at profiles of contributors to reach more people
Switch between Listing Languages
to serve an multi-lingual audience
Add listings in multiple languages to ensure content integrity, and increase your reach

Everyone can join for free


Only when you represent a charity, Christian church, ministry, or vendor selling into a Christian market – and would like to manage your listings, you need a premium account:


$120 now $60/year

Premium Charity Account

Premium Charity Profile
Detailed Charity Info
Charity Video
Long Term Goals
Staff & Volunteers
White-label: use your Branding & URL
Christian Churches

$120 now $0/year

Premium Church Account

Premium Church Profile
Add Ministries, Groups, Missions
Add (free) Resources
Detailed Church Info
Add Video/Audio Sermon
Welcome Video & Directions
Church Calendar
Giving Info
Church Family / Intranet
Staff & Volunteers
Collaboration Tools
White-label: use your Branding & URL
High Discounts on Coupons

$120 now $30/year

Premium Ministry Account

Premium Ministry Profile
Detailed Mission Info
Mission Video
Missions Map
Ecommerce Options
Events Listings Overview
Staff & Volunteers
White-label: use your Branding & URL

$120 now $90/year

Premium Vendor Account

Premium Vendor Profile
Detailed Vendor Info
Company Video
What you Offer (basic)
Ecommerce Options
Vendor Access to Forums
Staff & Interns
API integrations
White-label: use your Branding & URL
All Christians are One Body
All Christians are One Body

When we act as one body, and become more healthy as a whole, being in a relationship with God should appeal to many people. That’s why it’s important to lift each other up in prayer, help who needs it, and count our blessings.

Called to Love One Another
Called to Love One Another

How people see ‘the church’ in general depends for a large part on what we communicate. When we all share with each other what we did, do, and plan, many churches can learn from our experience, and people can see God’s love.

And Make Disciples of All Nations
And Make Disciples of All Nations

When we all list where we reach people, ChurchBubble can help to give insight where people are not (yet) reached with the gospel. You can help by inviting everyone who should join. In return you can earn extra income, to keep or donate.

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